About Me

Not too long ago, God struck my heart and soul with His crazy amazing love. It wasn’t a particularly difficult time in my life nor was I faced with any sort of tragedy. I had just decided to let Him in.┬áMy husband calls it finding the peace of Christ, but it didn’t feel all that peaceful at first. It felt more like an intense fire burning deep within my chest, or like standing under a waterfall. His love struck hard. The realization of His love for me and His faith in me has penetrated my soul and opened my eyes to see a clearer view of my past, as well as a bright hope for my future.

I am Catholic and I love it. Now more than ever. The Mass, the sacraments and the communion of saints have all played vital roles in adding profound depth to my personal relationship with Jesus. Additionally, I live in a community blessed with many incredible priests who have devoted themselves to helping us fill our lives with His love, light and peace. God works through all of us, but the way He works through priests is particularly inspiring. And I will be ever grateful for them.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, when I get to go to Mass and celebrate the world’s greatest truth and gift. I do my best to be present for every moment, but it can be difficult with fidgety children. I’ve found that my experience of the Mass is richer if I’ve at least read the Gospel reading ahead of time, and had time to think about its relevance in that particular time in my life.

So that’s what this is. My personal weekly reflection on what each Sunday Gospel reading means to me, as well as an attempt to process God’s overwhelming presence in my soul.